What to Read After Harry Potter

In a magical realm where one could Time-Linx between portals and bridge gaps in time...lived Persephane Pendrake a young witch and general offender of the norm, with her dragonfly familiar, trigger-shy dragon, and best friend Thaddeus...

This is their story...

What people are saying

"I had just finished the Harry Potter series and was looking for what to read next. I had tried other books, but none could keep my interest. I was given this book by a friend and was unable to put it down. It has strong characters, not the kind you see from a new author. It was action packed, but easy to read. It kept my attention and I was always sitting at the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen next. If you liked Harry Potter you will love this book; and best yet it is only one out of a nine book series."
-Yohathan (fan)

"Ever since J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books took the publishing world by storm in the late 1990's, the literary market has been flooded with an endless parade of Harry Potter knock offs. A whole generation of authors have been inspired to create their own books featuring teenage wizards and witches all striving to save the world from the usual forces of evil. Though most of these books have been largely unsuccessful, there have been a few that have shined."
-Kevis Hendrickson (fan)

Book Two Coming "The Cauldron of Ceridwen" Check It Out Here

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